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Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.

Our Philosophy

An ideal approach is used to provide exceptional services to students at affordable prices, best advice to ensure education in foreign institutes and experience life internationally. Thirst of knowledge can be quenched by travelling. “Seek knowledge even if you have to go as far as China” . Muhammad May Peace be upon him. In quest of Knowledge I travelled to United kingdom. As an International student I faced many difficulties, I have already successfully passed this phase and now I live a peaceful life, but not all stories are successful, I am sure each one of us who travelled has got his own story; and I am sure we could compile a book . We now setting for upcoming students. In order to minimise these difficulties we have founded a company who could guide the students. In E-hawks Immigration and Education we aim to provide services. Getting the admissions from universities of different part of the world. like United Kingdom and gave prior knowledge of Life in The UK . We have also plan in Future to give boarding and lodging to the students who came here for study. Getting Accommodation is most difficult hurdle, initially.


“To provide professional judicious and caring services to the students anticipating studies abroad and endeavor our best in assisting students and their parents in fulfillment of their goal.”


“To place students rightfully in international universities and colleges across globe.”

Major Courses

Undergraduate Courses

1. Accounting BA (hons)

2. Accounting and Finance BSc

3. Accounting and Financial Services BA

4. Acting BA (hons)

5. Advertising and Marketing Communications BSc Hons

6. Business Administration BA

Postgraduate Courses:

1. Accounting and Business Finance MSc (hons)

2. Advanced Clinical Practice (Nursing) MSc

3. Art and Design MA

4. Business Administration MBA

Montessori Courses

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Why study a Masters degree in the UK?

Improve your career prospects

Gain an internationally recognised qualification

Earn more over the course of your career

Be able to shape study around your schedule